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    Antipollution skincare:

    A growing demand and market opportunity

    Air pollution is Europe’s single-biggest health risk, according to current WHO statistics. There are many different health threats from pollution in its various forms, including impact on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The body’s largest organ, the skin, is of course also affected. BASF has developed a 3-stage skin-protection and -care system to safeguard against the negative effects of pollution.

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    Consumer profile

    31 years old
    Paris, France

    • Lives in a metropolitan area
    • Wants to remove all the pollutants from her face before going to sleep
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    Consumer profile

    35 years old

    • As a business woman, she travels often for business meetings
    • Her skin gets constantly exposed to pollutants
    • Wishes her skin stress- free and well-protected
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    Anti-Adhesion / Removability

    Consumer profile

    20 years old 

    • As a fashion model, she is often exposed to indoor and outdoor pollution
    • She is conscious about her look for camera-readiness
    • Seeks for something fast and easy to stay fresh through the day
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