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Sunscreen Simulator

Now even better – with cost-effective in silico testings and immediate live calculations to check photostability as well as UVA-protection indices and SPF!

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Time for Change

towards sustainable palm

BASF is one of the largest global manufacturers of ingredients for cosmetic products, detergents and cleaning agents as well as foodstuffs. The manufacture of these products mainly uses palm kernel oil and its derivatives.

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Actives Product Finder

Actives for Skin & Hair Care

by Beauty Creations – another Care Creations™ product group inspired by Life







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Cegesoft® Peel

The eco-friendly and gentle exfoliant

Cegesoft® Peel consists of spherically shaped wax beads that provide a gentle and mild exfoliation. Mainly derived from natural and renewable resources, Cegesoft® Peel is a readily biodegradable and environmental-friendly alternative to sharp-edged abrasives and non-degradable beads.

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Silicone alternatives

With a touch of green: Light emollients

The consumer’s desire for mild products and natural ingredients is continuing to drive beauty trends in the personal care market. Consumers are leaning towards products manufactured by more eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible companies. Consumers expect cosmetics to enhance their sense of well-being.

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