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    What’s new

    Coronavirus and Measures at BASF

    The novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges for all of us.
    The well-being of our employees and supplying our customers in the best possible way have the utmost priority for us.

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    What’s new

    Antipollution skincare

    A growing demand and market opportunity
    Air pollution is Europe’s single-biggest health risk, according to current WHO statistics. There are many different health threats from pollution in its various forms, including impact on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

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    What’s new

    Hand & Nail Care

    Experts have said, washing hands with soap and warm water is the best way to maintain hand hygiene at home.

    External stressors, the effects of frequent washing or even over-washing of hands, as well as the use of hand sanitizers in times of COVID-19 take their toll.

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    What’s new

    Lamesoft® Balance

    Stabilizing and enhancing rinse-off formulations
    Lamesoft® Balance is a natural based, cold processable compound specifically designed to stabilize opacifying wax dispersions in personal care rinse-off products.

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    What’s new

    Hand Hygiene

    Support in Response to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19
    Hand hygiene has never been more important than now – be it through thorough hand washing with liquid soaps or using wet wipes and sanitizer for cleansing on the go. Our experts help find the most suitable ingredients for the final formulation.

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    What’s new

    News from North America

    Hand Hygiene Formulation Support in Response to COVID-19
    While consumers practice social distancing, manufacturers are hard at work supplying the goods needed to stay safe and healthy while the virus runs its course. People especially need liquid hand soaps, hand sanitizers, wipes, and similar products to keep their bodies and environments free of pathogens.

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    What’s new


    The original APG® from BASF
    In today’s fast-paced world, many people want to get closer to nature and protect the environment. Being “green and clean” is more than just a trend – it’s a lifestyle choice, and an integral part of the individual’s heartfelt beliefs and values.

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    What’s new

    EcoSun Pass

    Environmental Evaluation of Sunscreen Products The potential negative impacts #sunscreens may have on the #environment are increasingly being discussed and are subject of comprehensive research worldwide. EcoSun Pass by @BASF evaluates the environmental impact of UVfilters

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    What’s new

    All about sun

    Leading sun care innovation 360° — for solutions that people want
    Our microsite is dedicated to sun protection. You can find everything worth knowing about sun and useful tips on how to stay safe in the sun. It explores UV filters, skin types, the light spectrum and solar radiation in more detail.

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    What’s new

    Actives Product Finder

    Actives for Skin & Hair Care
    by Beauty Creations – another Care Creations® product group inspired by Life







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    What’s new

    Sunscreen Simulator

    The Digital Lab makes work easier for formulators
    "The Sunscreen Simulator is the industry standard for calculating SPF," says Marcel Schnyder, Head of Global Technical Center for Sun Care at BASF. The digital lab with cost-effective in silico testings and immediate live calculations to check photostability as well as UVA-protection indices and SPF.

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