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All about tomorrow

Joining forces for better sustainability

The challenges of achieving greater sustainability are complex and ever evolving – and different companies can contribute in different ways. Whatever approach your company takes, BASF’s Care Creations™ can support you on your sustainability journey in many ways. For example, we can supply ingredients and solutions that are sustainably sourced, conserve resources or help avoid negative environmental or social impact.

Together with our partners, we drive sustainable solutions to improve quality of life. Innovation, continuous improvements and responsible action along the value chains ensure the most efficient resource use and long-term business success.

Get the big picture by exploring the different aspects of our sustainability strategy.


The Trigger Point Concept

Increased sustainability along the value chain


Labels and Memberships

Independent recognition



Sustainably sourced raw materials


Sustainable Solution Steering®

360° view on the sustainability performance of our portfolio


Our Accelerator Collection

High-performance sustainability