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    What’s new

    Upcoming live events

    Don’t miss our live virtual events in the upcoming weeks on hot topics shaping the cosmetics industry. We offer several events also in local language.

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    What’s new

    Virtual event recordings

    You missed our virtual events? No problem, our recordings are online – check it out.

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    What’s new

    2 Faces, 2 Phases

    Meeting human needs face-to-face
    Our new concept “2 Faces, 2 Phases” serves an especially personal and sensory-focused area of cosmetics: skin creams and emulsions.

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    What’s new

    Sustainable solutions to volatile silicones

    For clean and appealing cosmetics that speak to the Clean Beauty trend
    Today’s consumers want excellent performance and sensorial properties coupled with a clean conscience.

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    What’s new

    Minimalist 10

    Minimalist formulations for Maximalist purposes
    Consumers are becoming ever more conscious and are demanding increasing transparency from their cosmetic brands. This is the basis of the Clean Beauty movement, which emphasizes safety, simplicity and efficacy.

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    What’s new

    Water-conscious Skin Care Solutions

    For Sustainable Lifestyles
    Whether for drinking, washing or irrigating crops, clean freshwater is a precious resource for all of humankind. We want you to discover new formats of waterless and/or less-water formulations. 

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    What’s new


    Relieve your atopic prone skin
    Castaline® is a multifunctional, mild solution to calm atopic prone skin and to contribute to its visual improvement.

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    What’s new


    Quickly rejuvenate the eye contour
    The eye area is the first part of the body to reveal visible evidence of fatigue, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and aging. Dark circles, crow’s feet and dull skin are widely perceived to be telltale signs.

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    What’s new

    Sustainability Product Finder

    Digital Tool:
    Our new Sustainability Product Finder which has been integrated in the Care Creations® website makes it now easy for customers to find products with the respective labels they are looking for.

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    What’s new


    Market understanding meets science
    In today’s highly fragmented and fast-moving cosmetic markets, keeping pace with consumer trends and wishes is challenging..

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    What’s new

    EcoSun Pass

    Environmental Evaluation of Sunscreen Products The potential negative impacts #sunscreens may have on the #environment are increasingly being discussed and are subject of comprehensive research worldwide. EcoSun Pass by @BASF evaluates the environmental impact of UVfilters

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    What’s new

    All about sun

    Leading sun care innovation 360° — for solutions that people want
    Our microsite is dedicated to sun protection. You can find everything worth knowing about sun and useful tips on how to stay safe in the sun. It explores UV filters, skin types, the light spectrum and solar radiation in more detail.

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    What’s new

    Face Care - simply feel good

    Being mindful of yourself, leaving your cares behind – there’s often too little place for these things in our hectic daily life.
    Click through our little face care cosmos and learn interesting facts from the world of skin, skin care, trends and research.

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    What’s new

    Actives Product Finder

    Actives for Skin & Hair Care
    by Beauty Creations – another Care Creations® product group inspired by Life







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    What’s new

    Sunscreen Simulator

    The Digital Lab makes work easier for formulators
    "The Sunscreen Simulator is the industry standard for calculating SPF," says Marcel Schnyder, Head of Global Technical Center for Sun Care at BASF. The digital lab with cost-effective in silico testings and immediate live calculations to check photostability as well as UVA-protection indices and SPF.

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