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Science Excellence

Science Excellence

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Our goal is to develop sustainable, market-relevant products and concepts that deliver outstanding, scientifically verifiable performance. To do so, we rely on the core qualities of Care Creations™, Science Excellence and Market Empathy in perfect balance, along with product development know-how and formulation expertise.

Test Methods

Using established and standardized test methods, we systematically ensure the functional performance of our ingredients.

But our pursuit of market-relevant science excellent doesn’t end there: our scientists also develop special instruments and processes that enable us to create truly unique solutions that give our customers a competitive lead.

Claim Support

We sum up our promise to deliver products with scientifically proven properties and efficacy with the term ‘claim support.’ To find out more about how you can profit from this approach, visit the page Claim Support or find scientific studies to back your knowledge in our Studies & Articles.


Claim support


Studies & Articles


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