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    The Microb’eauty Technology

    Every day, our skin is exposed to environmental stresses: the sun and air-conditioning in the summer followed by cold weather, wind and central heating in winter, promote skin dryness. Skin becomes sensitive and less comfortable. Frequent showers and detergents damage lipids. The intercellular cement is worn away and the epidermal layer dries out.

    BASF experts have identified the reason skin loses its moisture. An impairment of the skin’s barrier function disrupts the cutaneous ecosystem and alters our skin’s natural microbial biodiversity. This change in the microbiota leads to dehydration. The resulting dryness in turn provokes an imbalance in the flora: the skin dehydrates itself.

    To reverse this vicious circle and correct skin dryness, we have developed Relipidium™.

    This “Microb’eauty Technology”, obtained from bacterial fermentation, re-establishes the normal bacterial population by strengthening the barrier effect. It contributes to stimulating the synthesis of epidermal lipids and activates the skin’s “microbial shields”. After fourteen days of application (clinical test), the restored barrier rebalances the skin flora.

    The barrier–flora symbiosis puts the skin back into a virtuous circle with healthy moisture levels.

    Product Description

    Yeast hydrolysate, biofermented by Lactobacillus strain

    Consumer Benefits

    Feminine hygiene, Soothing / Sensitivity decrease, Calming, Moisturization, TEWL reduction / Cutaneous barrier strengthening


    Restores the skin barrier by stimulating epidermal lipid synthesis and speeding up is recovery. Helps the skin to defend itself by strengthening the detection of pathogens. Rebalances the skin ecosystem and reduces skin dryness.

    In Vivo

    1. Moisturisation
    2. Relative increase of beneficial germ Staphylococcus epidermidis
    3. TEWL reduction

    Ex Vivo

    1. Recovery of the skin barrier after disruption

    In Vitro / In Tubo

    1. Activation of surveillance receptors TLR-2 and Dectin-1a
    2. Reduced release of pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-8 by keratinocytes in presence of S. aureus
    3. Lipid synthesis
    4. Stimulation of ceramide synthesis
    5. Synthesis stimulation of tight junction protein Zonula occludens 1 (ZO-1)

    Clinical Study Results

    Scientific Concept

    Target Molecules in the Skin

    Nature of Active


    • None


    • Water-soluble

    Recommended dose of use

    • 0.1-2%


    • Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein (and) Butylene Glycol (and) Pentylene Glycol

    Form of Delivery

    • Liquid

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