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Enter the connected skin era

Connected skin is a firm and elastic skin benefiting from proteoglycans and fibers emitting a strong tonicity signal at all levels in the skin. With age, these tonicity signal emitters become depleted in the skin causing the tonicity signal to lower. In addition, proteases jam the tonicity signal by breaking the proteoglycans and fiber network. Proteasyl® is a natural polypeptidic ingredient acting as a protease inhibitor that quickly improves skin elasticity and lets your skin enter the connected era.

Product Description

Unique purified peptidic pea extract

Consumer Benefits

Elasticity increase, Firming, Voluminizing / 3D Effect, Moisturization

In Vivo

  1. Improvement of the skin elasticity of 3 body zones: face, arms and chest

Ex Vivo/In Vitro/On Hair

  1. Inhibition of elastase
  2. Inhibition of plasmin
  3. Moisturization
  4. Synthesis stimulation of elastin, GAGs, perlecan and collagen III and V

Clinical Study Results

Target Molecules in the Skin

Nature of Active


  • Hydration
  • Elasticity & Firming
  • Firming


  • None


  • Pisum Sativum (Pea) Extract (and) Cyclodextrin

Form of Delivery

  • Powder


Product Group

  • Actives

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