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    Biomimetic Translucent Serum


    formulated according to Cosmos Standard for Natura

    Proven efficacy, safe ingredients and minimalist formulas, Millennials are challenging the ingredients list and look for more transparency. It means sustainable sourcing, beauty routine concerns and environmental impact, all steps of the product life cycle are analyzed and request validation.

    Biomimetic Translucent Serum is a lightweight formula, absorbs instantly, delivering an elegant caring smooth feeling. Emulgade® Sucro Plus, a sugar-based emulsifier, is used at a very low amount and provides sensory benefits. Cetiol® Ultimate, light volatile emollient supports the velvety light after- feel. Both are sourced from 100% renewable feed stock and are readily biodegradable. Rheocare® XGN is a natural eco-friendly polymer with a unique profile regarding transparency with no compromise on rheology performances. It is obtained by fermentation.

    Hydrasensyl® Glucan, is a purified solution of native beta-glucan derived from fermentation. It forms a film on the skin surface, the effects are well proven, and we might state the beta-glucan “mimics” hyaluronic acid and collagen. Consequently, the serum provides short and long term moisturization, increases skin smoothness and offers anti-inflammatory properties.

    Formulation Details

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    Market Segments

    • Face Care


    • Easy to Apply
    • Elasticity / Flexibility
    • Fast Absorption
    • Inflammation Reduction
    • Moisturizing
    • Pleasant Skinfeel/Afterfeel
    • Smooth skinfeel

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      • Biomimetic Translucent Serum – SC-FR-19-013-F007

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