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    News Release | Oct 8, 2018

    SEPAWA 2018: BASF showcases solutions to meet market trends

    • Digital solutions: BASF presents Quriosity and Virtual Industry Assistant for the home care and I&I industry
    • Applications for detergents and cleaning products reflect current trends
    • Eco-friendly, wax-based opacifier dispersion and peeling beads for personal care products
    • Exclusively for the care and protection of baby’s skin: BASF’s Baby Care Concept First Touch

    At the SEPAWA Congress in Berlin from October 10 to 12, BASF will be presenting the company’s latest solutions for applications in the home care and industrial & institutional (I&I) cleaning and personal care markets. BASF shares booths 175-179 and 191-194 with its European sales company, BTC Europe.

    Efficient and sustainable solutions for detergents and cleaning products

    The home care and industrial & institutional cleaning industry is evolving constantly in response to trends. To differentiate their offering in the marketplace, detergent and cleaning product manufacturers need future-proof solutions. “We continuously support our customers in the development of sustainable, efficient and innovative cleaning products. We meet the rising demand for products and solutions by investing in our production capacities, thereby supporting our customers’ growth,” says Soeren Hildebrandt, Senior Vice President, Home Care, I&I and Industrial Solutions Europe, BASF.

    Dazzlingly white laundry

    Getting soiled whites clean is a special challenge for consumers. The water-soluble polymer Sokalan® HP 96 in detergents helps remove stains while dispersed soil redeposits on the fabrics. BASF even has a dedicated solution for washing powders: Tinocat LT® B249 boosts bleach performance at temperatures as low as 20 °C, thus facilitating high-performance formulations for brilliant white laundry.

    Low-temperature washing with concentrated liquid detergents

    Today’s consumers expect their detergents to be effective, efficient and resource-saving all in one. The addition of a protease in combination with conventional ingredients like surfactants or polymers boosts the performance of concentrated liquid detergents at low temperatures (30 °C and lower), and is especially effective against blood, milk and egg stains. BASF’s latest protease, Lavergy® Pro 104 LS, is a stabilized enzyme that makes formulating simple and sustainable.

    Surface cleaning made easy

    Besides outstanding performance, consumers want the convenience of an easy-to-use product for cleaning hard surfaces. BASF supports customers with high-performance water-soluble polymers for spotless and streak-free drying, a lasting shine and an easy-to-clean-again effect on a variety of surfaces. The new bio-based polymer Polyquart® Ecoclean Max in surface cleaners combines all these properties with an excellent environmental profile.

    Easy formulation for highly concentrated liquid products

    The rising importance of the circular economy in the I&I industry is prompting demand for sustainable solutions. A new hydrotrope, Glucopon® 100 DK, satisfies expectations both for perfect cleaning results and environmental responsibility. The alkyl polyglycoside (APG) also has outstanding properties: it is compatible with plastics, GHS (CLP) label-free, easy to process, very low foaming and suitable for use at high concentrations.

    Digital transformation supports customer requirements of the future

    The superior computing power of the Quriosity Supercomputer enables BASF to model formulations and explain on a molecular level how existing and potential new BASF products work. Models of different detergent formulations will be shown at the BASF booth. The technology makes it easier to identify and use patterns in formulations and helps to accelerate innovation.

    To generate new business and remain competitive, customers in the home care and I&I industry need fast answers, convenient solutions and access to reliable intelligence. BASF is therefore working to develop a Virtual Industry Assistant which the company will present at the congress. The platform is designed to facilitate access to overarching topics in the home care and I&I industry while providing round-the-clock virtual help with questions and solutions.

    Eco-friendly, wax-based opacifier dispersion and peeling beads for personal care products

    At this year’s SEPAWA Congress, BASF Care Creations™ introduces two new products to answer the needs of today’s environmental-conscious consumers. “We are constantly seeking for innovative and more sustainable solutions for the personal care industry. Consumer trends and needs clearly show us the way. With our new ingredients Euperlan® OP White and Cegesoft® Peel we can help our customers to develop winning products supporting both the consumers’ well-being and eco-conscience,” said Dirk Mampe, Vice President Business Management Personal Care Solutions Europe.

    Euperlan OP White is a wax-based, readily-biodegradable and cold-processable opacifier dispersion with a superior white appearance for surfactant formulations. The product meets today’s demand for ecological friendly ingredients and its unique properties make it particularly suitable for ecolabel conform skin and hair cleansing formulations. BASF is the leading supplier of cold-processable wax dispersions for personal care that provide optical effects in rinse-off products. Euperlan OP White complements BASF’s current portfolio of pearlizing wax dispersions and can be used as an alternative to synthetic polymer opacifiers.

    Cegesoft Peel consists of spherically shaped wax beads that provide a gentle and mild exfoliation. Mainly derived from natural and renewable resources, Cegesoft Peel is a readily biodegradable and environmentally-friendly alternative to sharp-edged abrasives and non-degradable beads (often referred to as microplastic beads).

    BASF’s Baby Care Concept First Touch

    What makes baby skin particularly sensitive is that it is not fully developed at birth. The skin barrier continues to develop throughout the first years of life. BASF’s Baby Care Concept First Touch offers new formulations that have been especially developed for delicate baby skin, using only carefully selected and often natural based ingredients following the principle: as little as possible, as much as necessary.

    Baby Sensitive Skin Foam Head-to-Toe provides extra mild cleansing and gentle foam to keep baby skin soft and healthy. The formulation contains alternatives to ethylene oxide derivatives, sulfate-containing surfactants and silicones as well as the natural active ingredient Phytosoothe®. Derived from rapeseed, Phytosoothe contains purified phytosterols enabling a dual protection of the physical and microbiotic skin barrier of babies.

    Baby Sprayable Lotion Light-to-Caress offers intense skin care and moisture while Baby Protective Ointment protects most sensitive parts such as the diaper area. With extra high UVA/UVB sun protection Extra Protection Baby Sun Care Milk SPF 50 keeps baby’s skin safe in the sun. In perfect harmony with nature, Naturally Baby Shampoo “Tear free” is formulated according to the requirements of COSMOS Standard for Natural Cosmetics.

    Exchanging expertise

    Experts from BASF will be taking part in the ’Forum for Innovations’ and the ’European Detergents Conference’. Here is an overview of the presentations:


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    About BASF’s Care Chemicals division

    The BASF division Care Chemicals offers a broad range of ingredients for hygiene, personal care, home care, industrial & institutional cleaning, and technical applications. We are the global leading supplier for the cosmetics industry as well as the detergents and cleaners industry and support our customers with innovative and sustainable products, solutions and concepts. The division’s high-performance product portfolio includes surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, chelating agents, cosmetic active ingredients, pigments and UV filters. Superabsorbent polymers developed for the full spectrum of hygiene applications complete the range. We have production and development sites in all regions and are expanding our presence in emerging markets. Further information is available on the Internet at

    About BASF

    At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. The more than 115,000 employees in the BASF Group work on contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio is organized into five segments: Chemicals, Performance Products, Functional Materials & Solutions, Agricultural Solutions and Oil & Gas. BASF generated sales of €64.5 billion in 2017. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt (BAS), London (BFA) and Zurich (BAS). Further information at

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