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Our Accelerator Collection for Personal Care

High-performance sustainability

Bringing sustainability up to speed

To make it fast and easy for you to see which of our products contribute the most to sustainability, we have divided our portfolio into groups. Solutions that deliver the most benefits are defined as Accelerators. Far beyond cosmetics, these products currently make up 26.6% of total sales throughout the total BASF portfolio. This figure represents 14,000 different products that enhance sustainability across customer industries.

Care Creations Accelerator examples:

Cetiol Ultimate

Emollient | Face-, Sun-, Body Care

Ultrafast-spreading emollient for face, body, sun-care ans color cosmetics

  • 100% renewable based and volatile emollient
  • Replacement of volatile silicones possbile
  • Easier to use than volatile hydrocarbons
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Greater flexibility in the development of natural cosmetics with improved skinfeel

Gluadin® WLM Benz

Protein Products | Hair Conditioning, Shampoo

Microprotein for deep penetration, protection, repair in hair care products

  • 100% renewable based
  • Enzymatically hydrolyzed
  • Improved color and odor compared to chemical hydrolysis
  • 50% energy savings compared to chemical hydrolysis
  • Thanks to benzoic acid preservation and non-GMO enzymes, suitable for all natural and organic cosmetic standards

Lipofructyl® Argan LS 9779

Actives | Skin Rinse-off, Body Care, Hair Care

Moisturizer, responsible sourcing of argan based materials

  • Organic and fair trade certified argan oil
  • Sourced in partnership with an agricultural women’s cooperative in Morocco
  • Enabling socioeconomic development
  • Selected for L’Oreal’s Solidarity Sourcing program and the UNGC yearbook case study

Plantacare® 1200 UP/SG & Plantacare® Types /MB

Nonionic Surfactant | Skin and Hair Rinse-off

Nonionic surfactant for rinse-off applications

  • First alkyl polyglucoside (APG) based on certified sustainable palm kernel oil (CSPKO) – segregated
  • Full APG line based on certified sustainable palm kernel oil (CSPKO) – mass balance
  • Special mild nonionic surfactant for natural-based, rinse-off formulation concepts
  • 100% renewable based
  • Without ethylene oxide (EO) technology