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UV filter types

UV filters have to do a difficult job. They are expected to provide reliable protection against the different UV rays. Sunscreens and care products have to feel extremely pleasant too. Excellent scientific know-how is necessary to meet all demands.

The first sunscreens and their UV filters focused only on preventing UV erythema, otherwise known as a sunburn. Now sun care products have to do much more. "Modern UV protection has two pillars: one focuses on cosmetics and the other on health. Health is about reducing the risk of skin cancer. In the cosmetics pillar, we now know that UV radiation is one of the key reasons why skin ages prematurely, why wrinkles develop and why we look older than we actually are. " says Markus Schwind, former Senior Marketing Manager for Sun Care, about the needs today's UV filters should satisfy.

A combination of effective UVB, UVA and/or broadband filters that provide overall protection has become a MUST. Clothing and textiles are a good example of this since they uniformly reduce the entire UV range radiation on the skin.

In addition, when developing new UV filters, it is important to think about what the end user wants and needs. Sensory technology is a big topic. Sunscreen manufacturers want their customers to feel good with the product and its application. Creams, lotions and oils should feel good so that end users enjoy using them.

This must all be taken into account when choosing the right UV filter or finding the right mix of different filters. Ultimately, UV filters are the protective ingredients in sunscreen products that can be mixed and should work in sync with other ingredients, such as emulsifiers and oils. Recipes and formulations must match to meet all these requirements.

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In countries where it’s very hot, it’s even more important to have light feeling formulations. During the winter months in the mountains, people like slightly heavier products. Therefore, regional differences have a strong influence on the development of a sunscreen product

Marcel Schnyder

Head of Global Technical Center Sun Care of BASF in Grenzach

Very light skin, often with freckles

These individuals have very light skin, often with freckles. Red hair and blue eyes are common. They can already get sunburned after 5 to 10 minutes.