All about sun

Skin and skin types

The skin is our largest and most versatile organ. UV radiation is its natural enemy, if there is too much exposure. Everything you need to know about skin types, invisible threats and how to protect yourself.

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Tastes are different

In the past, there was only the thick, firm sunscreen. Today the range is more diverse and individual. Tastes are different and everyone likes different consistencies that they applies to the body and face.

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How to protect yourself the right way

Whoever knows their skin type, can plan their time in the sun better, whether they use sunscreen or not. However, it’s not easy to figure out which skin type you have.

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What is your skin type?

Since 1975, the different skin types have been divided into categories which are still valid today. Knowing your skin type is helpful so you can plan how to protect your skin.

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Invisible dangers

We can’t see UV rays nor can we feel them. That makes them dangerous. Especially our skin and our eyes are highly exposed. Here are some risks you need to know.

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UV rays: both a blessing and a curse

Getting a healthy, glowing tan without damaging the skin is not that easy. A sunburn happens slowly and by the time we feel the burn, it’s already too late.