All about sun

Sun protection

Without consistent sun protection, there is a risk of significant health damage. Modern products are very effective and also feel good. Everything you need to know about using sunscreen and applying it the right way.

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Sun protection — 365 days a year

A tube or bottle of sunscreen is always within reach for most people. At least when we are on vacation. But sun protection is everyday business — 365 days a year. 

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It depends on the feeling

Some people don’t like sunscreen very much. They don’t like the feeling of putting on sunscreen: too sticky, too thick, too greasy. However, modern formulations are very effective and feel extremely pleasant.

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Best tips to protect yourself

Modern sunscreens are very effective in protecting against sunburn and other damages caused by UV rays. Proper application plus following some easy guidelines puts you on the safe side.

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Nanotechnology — a key to innovation

Nanotechnology is under dispute. Many consumers feel uncertain about using products containing nano filters. For the sake of sun protection they are very powerful though.

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UV filter types

UV filters have to do a difficult job. They are expected to provide reliable protection against the different UV rays. Sunscreens and care products have to feel extremely pleasant too. Excellent scientific know-how is necessary to meet all demands.

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UV filter: Hi-tech products

Before the first sunscreen came on the market in 1933, people could either avoid the sun or wear appropriate clothing to protect their skin from harmful radiation. Since then, knowledge about the danger of UV radiation has grown enormously.

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Too much of a good thing

"Did you pack the sunscreen?" Everyone has asked or heard this question right before leaving for their long-awaited vacation. When it's the nicest time of year, most people remember that sun protection is important. In everyday life they don’t.