Hair - more than just a matter of the head

Hair has a great influence on our well-being. Whether it's the right hairstyle, a cool beard or stunning eyelashes: hair decorates and makes us look good.

Until today, hair also helps to protect our skin and our body. Hair care is part of the daily ritual. Washing, setting, blow-drying - the perfect hair is ready. Or maybe not? The question of the right hair care cannot be answered in a general way. It is rather individual. 

Hair, its structure, the right care: Browse and discover more hairy matters.

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    Hair and scalp

    From a scientific point of view, hair belongs to the areal organ of the skin. By the way, not all hairs are the same. A distinction is made between different types of hair. And the scalp plays an important role not only for bald people.

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    Hair Care & Co.

    Hair care should not just be an "annoying" morning routine, but should take an important place in the daily care ritual. Completely independent of the right products, there are a few things that you should rather leave out or do better for proper hair care. Things to know about hair.

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  • Hair and scalp

    The myth about “dry hair”    

    It would be a quite logical and plausible conclusion: if your hair is dry – maybe it feels like straw – then the issue must be a lack of water. But is it actually true? We dug deep into this topic with our colleague Dr. Hans-Martin Haake, Head of Application Technology Personal Care at BASF. It turns out that things aren't always as they seem.

  • Hair Care & Co.

    C.J. Walker - Black is beautiful

    “Don't dream your life, live your dream.” Sarah Breedlove, born in 1867 on a plantation in Louisiana, left an orphan at age 7, must have planned her life according to this motto, or something similar. Very few people know her name, although many are familiar with the name she later went by: Madam C. J. Walker (madam without an "e")—an icon of hair care from the USA.

  • Hair and scalp

    Sensitive scalp

    The scalp is barely visible, but it can be very sensitive and requires care. We need strong and healthy skin, a well-functioning skin barrier, especially on our heads.

  • Hair and scalp

    Hair, sun, sun protection

    The need for sun protection has now caught on with people. Awareness of this important part of your personal care routine is growing steadily. However, one part of the body still gets forgotten too often: On sunny days, the burning celestial body beats directly down onto it.

  • Hair and scalp

    Stress factors for hair

    Sometimes it’s like you're just jinxed. You do everything you can to look good, you have a hairstyle you want to try, but you know straight away that it will be too much for your hair.


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Hair and scalp

The scalp - more than just an outer shell

Bald people display it quite openly, for others it is hidden under a head of hair with more or less extravagant hairstyles: The scalp - more than an outer shell.

Hair Care & Co.

Hairstyles speak louder than words

If you want to change your appearance, there are a number of options and ways you can do this. New clothes are one option, so is new makeup. A trip to a cosmetic surgeon is certainly another one. But the most common way to change how you look is to go to the hairdresser.

Hair Care & Co.

Mathilda Harper – hair care pioneer

A servant girl from Canada had a vision and lived her dream. Through her vision, she changed an entire industry, broke down social barriers and redefined beauty. This is the story of Martha Matilda Harper; a story that has almost been forgotten. It is the story of an American dream, of beauty and wellness.

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