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Sunscreen Simulator

Now even better – with cost-effective in silico testings and immediate live calculations to check photostability as well as UVA-protection indices and SPF!

We are happy to introduce the newest evolution of BASF's Sunscreen Simulator – which is, after initially being presented 20 years ago, still the original Innovation tool and industry benchmark for formulators in the sun care business with a greatly improved user experience! The virtual lab provides real-life calculations to quickly test sunscreen performance and enabling the estimation of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) as well as all common UVA protection metrics. It easily supports the formulator to compose an optimal combination of the UV filters in a sunscreen formulation and helps to shorten the formulation work by providing realistic estimations of the final product performance.

Powerful Tool – Effective, Reliable, Easy to Use!

Today even very sensitive skin can be effectively protected by modern UV filters made by BASF against high levels of UV radiation. As industry benchmark for the last 20 years BASFs Sunscreen Simulator is the most powerful tool supporting sun care producers to create best customer oriented sun protection..

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