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Claim support

At the heart of BASF’s strength as a chemical industry leader is our expertise in science and dedication to sound scientific processes. BASF’s Care Creations™ leverages these qualities to deliver ingredients with verifiable properties based on science excellence – and we are committed to backing each performance claim with full support for our customers.

That means we can give you detailed results from standard testing and innovative methods to reliably demonstrate product benefits.

Exemplary Test Methods

Bending Stiffness (BS)

Hair Styling

The Bending Stiffness describes the stiffness of styling formulations using a  force value

[ cN ]. Maximum force at breakage of standard hair strands is measured. 

Curl Retention

Hair Styling

The Curl Retention value describes the humidity resistance of styling formulations using a percentage scale. Hold of standard hair curls is evaluated after 5 h and 24 h.


Hair Styling

Flexibility and Elasticity is determined by measuring the deflection forces of horizontally clamped standard hair strands. Evaluation of maximum force and differential force after 10 repetitions.

Anti-Hair Breakage Test

Hair Conditioning & Shampoo

The amount of broken hair fibres and fibres with split ends can be determined quantitatively.

AFM - Atomic Force Microscopy

Hair Conditioning & Shampoo

A highly sensitive method to determine film formation and deposition of hair care products on the microscopic level.

Tensile Strength

Hair Conditioning & Shampoo

The physical strength of hair fibres is measured by determining the forces required to elongate and break them.


Hair Conditioning & Shampoo

DSC measures the denaturation (break-down) temperature of human hair proteins, which is a precise indicator of hair damage.

Pillow Talk

Skin Care

Trained panelists match the skin feel with different textile surfaces of pillows after applying a skin care formulation on the volar forearm.

Transepidermal Water Loss

Skin Care

Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is a measurement of the amount of water emitted from the body to the outside via the skin; skin barrier damage is indicated by an increase in TEWL.


Skin Care

Corneometry is used to measure the skin surface hydration; it is based on measuring the changes in electrical properties of the skin due to moisture content.


Below you will find a selection of different formulations with verified claims that apply either to the entire formulation or to certain ingredients contained.

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