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Impressions from the RSPO European Roundtable 2017

Time for change

As an active member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2004, BASF has been proud to support the European Roundtable of the RSPO in June this year as Gold Partner. Why this is important to us? Because we think: It is time for change. 
Here you can find the insights from London shared by representatives from our partners, stakeholders and the BASF Palm Expert Team. Listen to what they have to say on the challenges for the supply chain, what the new palm paradigm is about and how we can include local people. Want to know more? Contact us via or on Twitter: @BASF_palm

What keeps us awake at night? We engage intensively with our stakeholders at all levels of the supply chain to understand their needs and help them achieve their targets: suppliers, customers, civil society, associations and our employees. For the palm value chain, this means we work closely with the companies we buy our raw materials from and with our customers. Beyond this, we support smallholders as an important link within the value chain. Follow us on Twitter: @BASF_palm