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Thanks to the progresses of medicine and technology, the ageing of populations is a global phenomenon. In order to match this lengthening of life expectancy, our skin needs to prolong its youth. Indeed, with age, skin becomes thinner, the dermal epidermal junction (DEJ) flattens and dermis density decreases. Skin loses its capacity to restructure tissue, its firmness drops and dries out. A multi-functional solution is then needed to prolong its youth.

To develop a solution for natural cosmetics, the Beauty Creations team and Reims University have partnered to transmit the benefits of flax seeds oligosaccharides to the skin. Flax is one of the oldest crops, having been cultivated since the beginning of civilization, known for several health benefits and uses in ayurvedic and traditional medicine. We revealed this source in order to design our new patented youth elixir, Oligolin®, concentrated in oligosaccharides. These oligosaccharides display the singular power to act on tissue structure and on the prevention of skin ageing. Oligolin® showed an exceptional rejuvenating efficacy on the skin: in vitro the epidermis looks thicker, the dermal epidermal junction (DEJ) is tonified and the dermis re-densified.
The skin appears firmer and moisturized, looks visibly younger and will have many more years of wellness. Oligolin®, the ultimate oligo-intensive multi-functional innovation from BASF for a full set of anti-ageing benefits.

Product Description

Hydrolyzed flax seed extract concentrated in oligosaccharides

Consumer Benefits

Skin thickness / skin density increase, Elasticity increase, Firming, Moisturization

In Vivo

  1. Elasticity / Firmness improvement
  2. Moisturization

Ex Vivo/In Vitro/On Hair

  1. Improvement of keratinocyte differentiation
  2. Increase of epidermal thickness
  3. Inhibition of heparanase / hyaluronidase
  4. Stimulation of the synthesis of collagen I, III and IV
  5. Stimulation of the synthesis of lumican
  6. Stimulation of the synthesis of filaggrin and involucrin

Clinical Study Results

Target Molecules in the Skin

Nature of Active


  • Barrier function
  • Elasticity & Firming


  • None

Form of Delivery

  • Powder


Product Group

  • Actives

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