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    65% of all French men are serious about protecting their kids

    Add more life to Sun Care

    Knowing your children are safe, plus the satisfaction of being a caring dad is just one reason to look for reliable UV protection — and not just for French men. People around the world have different needs that are connected with being protected from the sun like maintaining a young and attractive appearance. Our assortment of UV filters as well as our product concepts and formulation support assist you in bringing sun care products to market that meet the true needs of your consumers.


    • UVA + UVB Filter

    Form of Delivery

    • Liquid

    Chemical Description

    • UV filter


    • Tris-Biphenyl Triazine (nano)

    Appearance / Product characteristics

    • White to distincly beige liquid


    High performance broad-spectrum UV filter suitable for skin care applications, such as anti-aging face care products, and sun protection products

    Sustainability Benefits

    • Cold processable
    • Complexity reduction
    • Does not contain preservative
    • Helps to prevent long term skin damage
    • High efficiency at low concentration
    • Best choice for EcoSunPass


    • Face Care
    • Sun Protection

    Product Groups

    • UVA + UVB Filters



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