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    RNAGE® BC10054

    Reshape facial harmony

    All species have a role to play in preserving the balance of nature. While the Sea Buckthorn possesses an ecological protective function, BASF experts have found that it also has the power to balance key skin functions. By fighting the natural chronological dysregulation of the miRNA Let-7b, the dermal equalizer of skin architecture, RNAge® restores the skin structure for a denser dermis. Rebuilt from deep within, the skin recovers its density and firmness for an anti-sagging appearance. RNAge® controls the skin’s epigenetic pattern for balanced facial contours.



    Product Description

    Extract from a non-valorized fraction of Sea Buckthorn seeds

    Consumer Benefits

    Anti-sagging effect, Chin push-up effect, Skin density, Skin firmness, Face Contours


    Controlling dermal biomechanical properties by epigenetics. Downregulation of a specific microRNA to increase the synthesis of collagen III and V fibers, thus improving dermal density and skin firmness.

    In Vivo

    1. Improvement of half-chin angle
    2. Increase of skin density
    3. Improvement of skin firmness

    In Vitro / In Tubo

    1. Improvement of biomechanical properties on reconstructed dermis
    2. Downregulation of Let-7b microRNA on fibroblasts

    Clinical Study Results

    Scientific Concept

    Target Molecules in the Skin

    Nature of Active


    • None


    • Water-soluble

    Recommended dose of use

    • 0.02-0.2%


    • Maltodextrin (and) Hippophae Rhamnoides Kernel Extract

    Form of Delivery

    • Powder

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