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We all have a beauty potential for our skin. This beauty potential is locked deep within our skin cells’ genetic makeup. The fibroblasts in particular hold the keys to producing the components of the dermis. However, our lifestyle can alter this potential and accelerate skin ageing via epigenetic phenomena.

The fibroblasts’ genetic code is not changed but following methylation, some genes are no longer expressed: the fibroblasts are “dormant” and their metabolic capacity is reduced.

The fibroblasts’ optimal functioning is also ensured by a mechanical function. Their cytoskeleton, which is largely formed by actin fibers, gives them good traction strength and a better connection to the extracellular matrix (ECM).
A dense actin cytoskeleton gives the fibroblasts good contractility and vitality, enabling them to synthesize the components of the dermal matrix correctly. This ability declines with age.

The two phenomena lead to rarefaction of the collagen and loss of dermal density. The skin loses its tonicity.

To reverse signs of ageing effectively and protect us against lifestyle damage, BASF experts are taking us deep into the fibroblasts with Dermagenist®, a marjoram extract rich in Vicenin and Luteolin-7-0-glucuronide, to re-establish their functions.

Dermagenist® restores each fibroblast’s metabolic function by inhibiting the methylation of neutralized genes and strengthening its actin cytoskeleton to re-establish its mechanic function.

Dermagenist® is clinically proven to work: the skin’s density and firmness are significantly improved.

A youthful-looking appearance lies deep within the fibroblasts. Dermagenist™ awakens your dormant beauty.

Product Description

Standardized aqueous extract of Marjoram (Origanum Majorana) leaves

Consumer Benefits

Skin thickness / skin density increase, Firming

In Vivo

  1. Improvement of skin density
  2. Improvement of skin firmness

Ex Vivo/In Vitro/On Hair

  1. Expression and distribution of actin fibers in fibroblasts
  2. Fibroblast contractility
  3. Induction of BMP-1 synthesis
  4. LOXL1 promoter regulation by epigenetic DNA methylation
  5. Stimulation of collagen I synthesis
  6. Stimulation of fibrillar collagen organization

Clinical Study Results

Scientific Concept

Target Molecules in the Skin

Nature of Active


  • Elasticity & Firming


  • None

Form of Delivery

  • Powder


Product Group

  • Actives

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