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    Exfoliating Powder-to-Foam


    Water-activated cleansing powder for daily

    Water-free powders for face cleansing are new generation of cleansing products. But despite the short presence on the personal care market, they has already win hearts of consumers due to combination of modern format with high effectiveness and multifunctionality.
    Our Exfoliating Powder-to-Foam activates after addition of small amount of water and transforms into soft clouds of foam, created by surfactants Plantapon® SUS and Jordapon® SCI Powder. By gentle exfoliation using Sublimalg®, the skin is given a “wave of strength”. Cells are detoxified, skin is purified and vitalized, complexion is brightened. The skin recovers its smoothness and its natural radiance.

    Formulation Details

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    Market Segments

    • Face Care


    • Blemish control
    • Oil control
    • Skin Perfection: Pore refinement

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