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A commitment to Africa

By strengthening our local network and tailoring our market approach to the needs of the African personal care industry, we give a commitment to the sub-Saharan African region.

We are now closer than ever to our customers in sub-Saharan Africa, offering on-site technical expertise and market insights to support them with their local development of tailor-made products for the specific needs of African skin and hair. As part of our ambitious plans, we established a new Personal Care Application Laboratory in Lagos, Nigeria, to serve the sub-Saharan African region. It is designed to offer formulation support and, based on BASF’s deep global expertise in hair and skin care performance testing, to expand and develop consumer-relevant claim support for the needs of consumers in sub-Saharan Africa. Our expanded presence reflects our belief in the future of the region's personal care market.


African haircare

The unique African hair is typified by kinks and coils along the hair shaft, an elliptical cross-section, and fewer cuticle layers than other hair types. These characteristics make natural African hair more difficult to comb through and prone to breakage, necessitating a tailored care regimen to maintain healthy hair. Popular styles such as natural afro hair, chemically-relaxed hair, dreadlocked hair and the usage of styling tools e.g. flat irons, also call for specialty products.


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African skincare

African skin types have distinct characteristics such as a relatively high amount of protective melanin, skin lipids and sebum secretion, and a comparatively large pore area. An intensive and gentle cleansing combined with suitable skincare products can improve the skin texture by supporting the balance between moisture and sebum production.


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