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The trend

Moisturization is the most popular claim in skin care. Recently, brands have a new marketing approach to communicate on intensive moisturization using words like « Aqua », « Hydra », « Bomb » or « Source ». To provide this freshness effect, formulas combine ultra-light texture and deep hydration.

The BASF Hydra Splash Cream SPF 10 is designed with a special combination of active ingredients, emollients and UV filters providing protection against signs of premature aging and leaving the skin deeply hydrated with a pleasant feeling of tightness. Its fresh and light texture melts immediately upon contact with skin without any sticky effect, leaving a smooth and velvety after feel for a more youthful look day after day.

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The BASF solutions for your Hydra Splash Cream SPF 10
Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
Cetiol® Ultimate
100% renewable-based*, fresh, dry and volatile emollient.
Dry smooth textures
COSMOS approved
Biopolymer network enriched with highly concentrated moisture complex.
Over 70% hydration after 30 minutes only
48 hours moisturization after one single application 
High molecular weight native proteins, extracted from the Argan oil-cake.
Immediate tightening effect
Reduction of wrinkles
Tinosorb® S Aqua
Water dispersible form of Tinosorb® S. Provides high-performance, broad-spectrum UV technology for the water phase.
Excellent photo stability
More flexibility in formulation
Improved filter distribution on skin
Uvinul® MC 80
UV-B filter
High cosmetic elegance 
Excellent solvent properties for crystalline UV filters
Uvinul® A Plus
The only photostable UV-A filter on the market for reliable and long-lasting protection.
Long-lasting protection & efficacy
Shielding against UVA radiation
Delays premature aging


* 100% derived from renewable feedstocks 

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