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Naturally beautiful, approachable and feminine

The Protected type is caring toward others and herself. She enjoys personal care as a moment of luxury and wellness, a way to regenerate and protect herself from the stress of day-to-day life. Her products must protect naturally. She increas­ingly values environmentally friendly, nature-based products using organically produced ingredients.

Gentle, sensitive, caring, understanding Sincere
Seeks harmony and security
Radiates inner balance

Emotional Profile
Cocooning (sense of comfort and contentment)
Well-adjusted, balanced
Warm, maternal

Functional demands
Healthy and beautiful hair
Sensitive care
Protection from environmental influences
Natural, healthy look
No animal testing

Brand image
Good value for money
Natural cosmetics
Trustworthy, reliable

Pursues a healthy lifestyle
Pays attention to her body and seeks protection
Wants only natural ingredients