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Flawless good looks, admired and followed by others

The Perfect wants to be the center of atten­tion and make the most positive impression possible. Nothing but the very best is good enough to meet her high standards. Accordingly, she expects her personal care products to be of the highest quality. She prefers well-known products that make her feel luxurious and radiant.

Simply the best
Ambitious and success-oriented
Decision-maker and leader
Proud of appearance
Sophisticated and stylish
Highly attractive (but can be intimidating)

Emotional Profile
On top of the world
Confident, forthright and assertive
Extravagant sense of style
Love of luxury and special treatment
An air of superiority

Functional Elements
Highly effective
Dermatological testing
Special protection (weather)

Brand image
Leading brand
Professional quality standards

Expects perfection
Flawless appearance at all times
Great-looking under any circumstances
Experiences life sensually
Demands distinctive, high-quality products