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Consumer Needs

From innermost wishes to outperforming products.

What’s in it for us?  

Products developed by BASF Care Creations™ always tell a story. A story of asking the right questions and creating the right solutions, of understanding and know-how. In other words: of market empathy and science excellence. This story began with these questions:  

What makes people buy certain products?
Why do they buy them again?
How do people grow to love products?
What makes people connect powerfully with brands?

And what does it take to turn this knowledge into successful products? Because you can’t find the answers in a laboratory, we changed our point of view – and reversed the product development process. Studying innermost consumer needs has given us valuable insights and led us to use a typology system based on six different consumer archetypes. Understanding them is of critical importance for the personal care market.  

What’s in it for you?  

Not just excellent ingredients – but the tools to make people’s wishes come true. We are your partner in fulfilling people’s inner needs with outperforming products: deep insights into desires, attitudes and values coupled with our broad ingredient portfolio as well as outstanding formulation and claim support to help you translate this knowledge into excellent products. Products that win people’s hearts with tangible and emotional benefits as well as sustainability credentials. The ultimate goal: beloved consumer brands.  

That’s what we at BASF’s Care Creations™ promise when we say: We’re inspired by life. 



for your products.

People take their personal care personally. It’s all part of the need to feel clean, well groomed and in natural balance. The need for care and protection for ourselves and our loved ones, the need to care for the world around us and the future of our children.  At BASF´s Care Creations™, we place these deep-seated human needs and wishes at the center of our work. It’s part of what we call market empathy, being in touch with consumers, trends and developments in the marketplace. Market empathy is what gives us the ability to support you in developing concepts in line with the spirit of the times and positioned to stand out from competition.   This outward focus on people and the marketplace perfectly complements the technical, scientific know-how BASF is built on – what we term science excellence. Our vast experience and resources place us in a strong position to support you throughout the development and formulation process topped by high end methods for supporting claims of both ingredients and final formulations.  Together, science excellence and market empathy are an unbeatable combination.   Count on BASF's Care Creations™ for expert consulting, for a strong support and formulation guidance to develop truly outstanding products. Be inspired.


All about senses

Distinctive personalities, distinctive sensory experiences

Understanding sensory and emotional needs

Our twofold focus on market empathy and science excellence continues to open up insights into people, their psychology and the types of products that speak to their wishes. We have looked into the personal care market in terms of six distinct target groups, or archetypes, with a special focus on the sensory experiences they each respond to emotionally. Getting to know these archetypes in depth offers inspiration for products that match their needs and wishes.

The NeedScope method groups personalities into six archetypes, termed as follows: Energetic, Perfect, Professional, Protected, Authentic, Creative. In each of these archetypes, different sensory experiences trigger deep-seated emotional responses.

Senses make sense

Since sensory experiences are at the heart of our emotional responsiveness, it makes good sense to enhance the sensory profile of a personal care product in line with the needs and wishes of the target group. By activating the senses of smell, touch, sight and even hearing, we can create products that win a special place in consumers’ hearts. Studying the archetypes give us valuable clues about which multisensory experiences are right for a given target group.

For further information have a look at our marketing concept Sensations.


Get to know more about Consumer Needs



Understanding emotional needs



Strong and confident, but rough around the edges



Flawless good looks, admired and followed by others



Classic styling, professional and well-groomed appearance



Naturally beautiful, approachable and feminine



Easy-going, genuine, naturally beautiful



Always on the go, always effortlessly good-looking