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Performance profile phenolic and non-phenolic antioxidants

BASF’s highly effective Tinogard® phenolic and non-phenolic antioxidants prevent primarily perfumes, natural oils, fatty acids and other oxygen sensitive ingredients from rancidification, degradation and color changes.

Tinogard® TT

  • Most efficient phenolic antioxidant for lipophilic systems
  • Ideal for oils, fats and fragrances in lipophilic environment
  • Very versatile, broadly applicable, non-ionic, non-yellowing powder
  • Can be used with phenolic or non-phenolic antioxidants or with light stabilizers
  • Effectiveness can be enhanced through adding an Excited State Quencher (Tinogard® Q)

Tinogard® TT DD

  • Pellet form of Tinogard® TT
  • Easy to handle, no dust

Tinogard® TS

  • Most compatible phenolic antioxidant for nonionic surfactant formulations
  • Fast dissolution in many oils, co-solvents, fragrances
  • Good cost-performance, non-yellowing, oil soluble granules
  • Can be used with other phenolic, non-phenolic antioxidants or with light stabilizers

Tinogard® DA

  • Non-phenolic antioxidant, peroxide decomposer
  • Oil soluble, non-discoloring, odorless
  • Shows synergies with Tinogard® TT and TS
  • Often used on top of phenolic antioxidants, also as sole antioxidant or with light stabilizers

UV light stabilizers & Excited State Quencher

Their function is to protect colors, fragrances, natural compounds and other sensitive ingredients in transparent packaging from harmful UV radiation. Low product concentration, long lasting shelf life and the option to boost light stability with Tinogard® Q are further benefits.