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The annual SEPAWA Congress is the groundbreaking event for the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and perfumery industry in Europe. With over 130 lectures and presentations and 300 exhibitors, the SEPAWA Congress offers a wealth of information to more than 2,500 participants. The Congress is therefore the European communication platform for experts in the above-mentioned fields.

Date: 18. - 21.10.2017
Location:         Estrel Berlin
Our Booth: Area A, Booth A173 – 174, A188


Emulgade® MEC/MB

For nature-inspired wet wipes

Skin-friendly, eye-friendly, cleansing performance and sustainability benefits – answering the growing demand for nature-based wet wipes at a competitive price can challenging. The microemulsion Emulgade® MEC/MB brings it all together, enabling EO-free wet wipe formulations with excellent skin and eye compatibility as well as high skin-care lipid and cleansing emollient content. The highly concentrated solution delivers exceptional performance – even for waterproof mascara removal – combined with an outstanding cost-in-use profile. Thanks to low viscosity, Emulgade® MEC/MB (patent pending) is easy to handle even at temperatures as low as 5°C.

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Rheocare® XGN

Suspend, stabilize, thicken.

Oral care, face, hair and body care and cleansing – the crystal-clear polymer Rheocare® XGN is suitable for a wide spectrum of personal care products. It efficiently thickens and stabilizes your emulsions and surfactant-based formulations, providing excellent viscosity boosted by electrolytes like NaCl. The Vegan-compatible xanthan gum is produced from 100% renewable feedstocks, cold-processable, preservative-free and eligible for COSMOS approval. It is ideal for clear, high-viscosity formulations with pH values of >5.5, including fashionable shampoos, body washes and facial cleansers as well as modern tooth gels.

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Luxurious Crystals

Create a Prestige Appearance with New Translucency Technology

Premium skin care products are a fast-growing market in Personal Care.
BASF´s Care Creations™ introduces “Luxurious Crystals”, a New Translucency Technology that enables formulators to design skin care leave-on products with a prestige translucent appearance and sophisticated sensory but without using silicones.

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