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Silicone alternatives

With a touch of green: Light emollients

Consumer & Cosmetics

The consumer’s desire for mild products and natural ingredients is continuing to drive beauty trends in the personal care market. Consumers are leaning towards products manufactured by more eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible companies. Consumers expect cosmetics to enhance their sense of well-being. Cosmetics are initially perceived via their different textures and sensory attributes, and light textures can be an important factor in a consumers choice of products.


Emollients are essential ingredients in our cosmetics for daily use:

  • Shielding the skin by providing a protective layer
  • Keeping the skin moisturized
  • Solubilizing lipophilic active ingredients
  • Solubilizing crystalline UV filters
  • Dispersing pigments
  • Acting as solubilizing agent in make-up removers

They play an important role in determining the right skin feel of a cosmetic product and influencing the consumers’ acceptance of the product. Each emollient has its own skin sensory behaviour which can help to deliver a unique skin feel. The faster an emollient spreads, the lighter it usually feels.


Physical data

General information about light emollients


Skin feel

Skin sensory assessment



Criterias of light emollients