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Hair Styling Fashion Trends

Products that are in step with the latest fashions

Global fashions are varied and ever-changing – and people want hairstyles to match their favorite trends. BASF trend scouts keep a close eye on developments, enabling us to create products that meet fashion needs.
Our concept Hair styling Fashion Trends demonstrates how our knowledge and technology can support you in developing Hair styling products that tap into the power of lifestyle trends and fashions. Take advantage of our portfolio to boost the performance and emotional appeal of your products.

Alive – Inspired by nature

“Alive”, is inspired by nature, it demonstrates the reinvention of a natural look, the concept builds on the growing consumer trend for casual, unstructured hair styles.

Big Volume Styling Mousse

Our stylist found “Big Volume Styling Mousse” to be really great for working the hair during style creation and resulted in an excellent volumizing effect. This is due to the combination of the cationic styling polymers Luviquat® Excellence to boost compatibility and Luviquat® Supreme AT 1 to support volume creation.

Formulation HB-DE-16-093-04

Natural Look – Texturising Styling Spray

Texturising Styling Spray was used by our stylist during style preparation. It was crunched into the hair to give an unkempt “lived in” look. The main styling agent is Luviset® Clear AT 3 a versatile non-ionic styling polymer which works across a wide range of styling formats. It was used here, in combination with Rheocare® HSP-1180 to aid curl definition.

Formulation HB-IT-16-004-8-2

Creative Hair Styling Cream

The stylist used “Creative Hair Styling Cream” to add condition to flyaway dry ends, creating a more defined style. This creative product is based upon Luviset® One which provides styling and thickening in combination with Plantaquat® NC which adds richness and creates the unusual texture.

Formulation HB-IT-13-0501-1-7