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    Trends Spotlights

    Oil meets Beard Care


    The trend

    The Beard Care trend is driven in part by changes in male shaving habits. Beards appeal to millennials but also to older people who see the re-emergence of beards as a cultural phenomenon. The number of men who don't shave at all is up across all age groups. New line of facial hair care like oil and balm products is benefiting from this growing trend.

    Our BASF Men's Grooming Oil is designed to soften the beard, offering a natural look in just one simple step. The Lipofructyl™ Moringa Oil combined with three light emollients deliver enhanced skin conditioning benefits making skin feel supple while softening and giving the beard a healthy effect. Quickly absorbed, highly nourishing it leaves you looking and feeling refreshed.

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    The BASF solutions for your Men's Grooming Oil
    Product NameProduct DescriptionClaim Hint
    Cetiol® Sensoft
    The very light, “happy” emollient with multifunctional softness.Multifunctional softness
    Luxurious, silky, and velvety after-feel.
    Cetiol® CC
    The high-value, dry emollient which delivers a sensorial soft product experience due to its high-spreading ability.Fast spreading emollient
    Good emulsifiability
    >70% derived from natural, renewable feedstocks
    Silicone alternative
    Approved by COSMOS
    RSPO MB grade available
    Readily biodegradable
    Cetiol® C5100% natural-based fast spreading emollient providing silicone-like after feel.Smoothness
    100 % derived from renewable feedstocks
    Silicone alternative
    Approved by COSMOS
    Lipofructyl™ MO
    It is an oil obtained by cold pressing of the seeds of the exotic tree Moringa oleiferaImproves hair softness, brightness and brilliance
    Improves hair combing

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