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    Luxurious Crystals

    Create a prestige appearance with New Translucency Technology 

    Premium skin care products are a fast-growing market in Personal Care.

    BASF´s Care Creations® introduces Luxurious Crystals, a New Translucency Technology that enables formulators to design skin care leave-on products with a prestige translucent appearance and sophisticated sensory but without using silicones.

    By combining properties of hydrogels and customary oil-in-water emulsions Luxurious Crystals provides a wide range of translucent to translucent-milky appearances in formulations and a sensory experience ranging from luxurious-powdery to elegant and silky.


    Aqua Serene

    Delicate Translucent Emulsion

    Let your body thrive in calm waters and rebalance your skin with the delicate translucent smoothening texture. Aqua Serene is a formulation with a harmonious arrangement that provides a luxurious and elegant sensory with an absolute powdery and silky skin after-feel. Smooth distribution imparts a touch of lightness and a breeze of freshness. The combination of the emollients Cetiol® C5, Cetiol® CC and Cetiol® Sensoft contribute to the easy application properties, lightness and very pleasant after-feel.

    Formulation SC-DE-16-065-58


    Melting Diamonds

    Crystalline Translucent Emulsion

    Celebrate the grace of diamonds and indulge yourself with the unique translucent melting diamonds composition. Melting Diamonds is a formulation that provides an elegant and luxurious sensory with a surely undeniably silky skin after-feel. Being the lightest formulation from this range, the weightless distribution provides a gentle and fresh touch. The fast-spreading emollient Cetiol® C5 is responsible for the easy application with a persuasive silky after-feel.

    Formulation SC-DE-16-185-3


    Crystalline Droplets

    Cooling Translucent Emulsion

    Let your aura sparkle again and refresh yourself with the exclusive droplets of the cooling translucent formulation. Crystalline Droplets is a formulation that provides an elegant and luxurious sensory with an indubitably silky skin after-feel. Uniquely the most cooling formulation from this range, it is paired with a light and a comfortable distribution. The combination of the emollients Cetiol® C5, Cetiol® Sensoft and Cetiol® 4 All contribute to the silky, multi-dimensional softness and a nourishing yet light sensation.

    Formulation SC-DE-17-015-7


    Caressible Crystals

    Soft Translucent-Milky Emulsion

    Revitalize your body and caress your skin with the softness of the translucent-milky formulation. Caressible Crystals is a formulation that provides an elegant and luxurious sensory with a balanced combination of silky, soft and powdery skin after-feel. Besides, it is easy to distribute combined with a breath of freshness.
    The mix of the emollients Cetiol® Ultimate and Cetiol® Sensoft contribute to the easy application properties, fresh, smooth and dry oil feeling. Imparting in a soft silicone like touch.

    Formulation SC-DE-16-144-34


    Silky Delight

    Rich Translucent-Milky Emulsion

    Pamper yourself with a veil of silkiness and with the delightful translucent-milky appearance. Silky Delight is a formulation that provides luxurious, elegant and caring sensory with an indubitably powdery-ness skin after-feel and additional silky and velvety facet. Being the richest formulation from this range, it still has a dash of lightness. The combination of the emollients Cetiol® C5, Cetiol® 4 All, Cetiol® SB 45 and the emulsifier Emulgade® Sucro Plus contribute to the pleasant after-feel with a silky, soft caring and a nourishing yet light sensation.

    Formulation SC-DE-16-165-15

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