Multi-Light Protection Fluid SPF 50+

All rays shield with watery-fresh sensations

Protection: Reliable sun protection with blue light blocking benefits

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Light; Watery; Texture; High efficient; Protection;

Trends & Ingredients
Consumers are looking for reliable daily UV-protection but they don’t want to feel it on their skin. This fluid is almost imperceptible on skin but provides excellent protection in broad spectrum. It offers a soft yet dry after feel thanks to the light emollients Cetiol® Ultimate and Cetiol® Sensoft. The used polymeric system combines Rheocare® XGN with Tinovis® GTC UP to enhance light sensations and provide fresh and water-like texture.

‘Multi-Light Protection Fluid SPF 50’ diminishes the transmittance in the visible light range, including blue light (HEV). Protection against UV-irradiation is achieved by smart photostable combination of UVB-filters Uvinul® MC 80 and Uvinul® T 150 with UVA-filter Uvinul® A Plus. Scattering properties of particulate broad-spectrum UV-filter Tinosorb® M boosts the protection and contribute to non-sticky feel due oil phase decreasing opportunities. The vegetal phoenix Ciste’M® - active ingredient, which helps to rescue urban skin from multi-light exposure, including HEV spectrum (blue light).

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Uvinul® T 150

Sep 30, 2019, 14:53 PM
Title : Uvinul® T 150
Uvinul® T 150 – UV-filter with the best efficiency even at lowest UV-filter concentration
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