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Our new star lineup of biopolymers in personal care. 

With our new Verdessence™ product line, our commitment to sustainability brings you those biopolymer solutions for personal care, in line with the latest trends and designed to help you create even the most demanding cosmetic applications.

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Responsibly Active

We are responsibly active when it comes to preserving the beauty of nature for generations to come. This is because plants are at the core of our business and biodiversity is our reservoir to innovate.

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The rise of dermocosmetics

Increasing customer awareness is a growing challenge for the dermocosmetic brands: consumers are looking for holistic products that will improve their specific skin problems in a safe, efficient and comfortable way.

Digital Tool

D’lite – Market Understanding meets Science

Digital solution: BASF will introduce D’lite, a digital solution that enables customers to speed up their product development and time-to-market. It builds on the company’s knowledge and sound understanding of markets, brands and solution options in order to support users to identify the right personal care product with the best possible ingredients.

Concepts & Solutions

Beauty Case 4.0

We bring together BASF expertise on ingredients and formulations and best of class startups with their front runner technologies in beauty tech.

Concepts & Solutions

Sustainable Castor Oil

Together with our partners, we have launched the project "Pragati" (Hindi for progress) to improve working conditions, create awareness for sustainable castor bean farming, and increase yields through more efficient farming practices. It is the first sustainable castor bean program worldwide.

Digital Tool

Sunscreen Simulator

Better than ever: Our digital sunscreen simulator tool now includes a new “cockpit” functionality. The expanded new version also integrates the EcoSun Pass criterion for a fast and convenient overview of environmental compatibility of selected UV filter combinations. In addition, it enables easy evaluation of the interaction between ultraviolet filters and emollients.

Concepts & Solutions


We care for the world in which we live. Caring is in our nature and deeply rooted in our DNA. That is why we are committed to caring for the world in which we live and work.

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Waterless cosmetics: Water consciuos solutions for leave-on cosmetics

Water-conscious Skin Care Solutions for Sustainable Lifestyles
Whether for drinking, washing or irrigating crops, clean freshwater is a precious resource for all of humankind. We want you to discover new formats of waterless and/or less-water formulations.

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BASF Stabilizer Portfolio

Easy solutions to protect formulations 
BASF Personal Care has a large portfolio of stabilizers that are used in Skin Care, Hair Care, Color Care and Fine Fragrances and help to make formulations stable.