Formulating diversity

Here you can explore the latest formulations developed by BASF’s Care Creations®. Profit from growing niche markets with specialized products.


City Sun Care Fluid – SPF 15


Whoever loves big city life. Big city lifestyles are full of opportunities and excitement, but people are also aware of the risks – consumers want protection, for example, from harmful ultraviolet radiation. "City Sun Care Fluid – SPF 15" takes away the worry of UV exposure. 


COSMOS Styling Gel


Find out about our market-ready product concepts to support you in developing your formulations and help you get the most out of our products and expertise.


Cream Lotion Plus


Whoever needs a natural light moisturizer. Consumers will love the verified environmental compatibility and outstanding performance – and enjoy the skin-moisturization effects they need along with the feel-good skincare experiences they want.


"Don’t let the dirt in" Shielding Skin Cream


This formulation has been developed as part of our “Anti-Pollution” concept focusing on the topic “Anti-Penetration”. “Don’t let the dirt in” Shielding Skin Cream contains the anionic emulsifier Eumulgin® SG in combination with the polymers Rheocare® XGN and Tinovis® GTC UP. It is a light and fast absorbing emulsion with non-sticky and soft sensory properties.


Emulsion for Oily Skin


Whoever seeks the ideal balance for oily skin. Customers with skin prone to oiliness will thank you for an effective and pleasant solution.


Hair Karité Conditioner


Whoever loves beautiful curls. Give your curly-haired customers the special care their hairstyles need, and the pleasant hairstyling experience they want.


High Performance Sun Lotion – SPF 50


Whoever hears the song of the sea. With this inclusive UV protection formulation we provide the right protection with a high SPF and a good level of UVA cover.


Kiwi Facial Cleansing Stick


Wherever she finds her own space. People want maximum flexibility with their care routines – anytime, anywhere. Win consumers’ hearts with the convenience and flexibility of a travel-friendly solid format combined with a feel-good face care experience.


Natural Care Conditioning Shampoo “Milky Cloud”


Whoever wants gentle cleansing with conditioning effects. Haircare products that offer natural and gentle cleansing coupled with conditioning for a natural shine and easy manageability have broad appeal. Consumers enjoy the 2-in-1 convenience and the peace of mind that using a sustainable, nature-based product offers.


Natural Fresh-soothe Nutri-conditioner


Whoever needs to balance oiliness. Your customers will love your brand for offering a conditioner that delivers a healthy scalp, soft, supple hair and a pleasant user experience.



Naturecare Anti-pollution Matrix


Wherever she feels totally free. When she wants to leave day-to-day life behind and experience complete freedom, she always knows exactly where the perfect getaway is – even if it’s simply the roof of her building. Your customers will appreciate a solution that speaks to their unique care and beauty needs.


Matching Melanin Sun Care Power – SPF 30


Whoever loves fun in the sun. Even melanin-rich skin needs the right protection. Melanogenesis may be nature’s ingenious ultraviolet light filter, but it can go only so far in protecting from prolonged sun exposure. We deliver targeted and high UV protection and moisturization to skin in a cream-gel texture that provides a nice look and an even tone.


Mattifying Face Cream


Whoever needs to balance oily skin. Many skin types need special care to keep oiliness in balance. Use our solutions to offer consumers easy and pleasant management of potentially oily skin.


Minimalist Gel Cream


Whatever “less is more” means to him. Sometimes less really is so much more. That’s because we have carefully selected precisely the right components to give consumers what they need in the delivery system they want. The concept supports the wish to shift away from excessive consumerism toward a simpler and more minimalist lifestyle.


Solid Styling Bar


Wherever she loves to chill. Active people travel light and want to style their hair wherever they are. Properties like convenience, minimal packaging travel-friendliness will win over consumers.


Soothing Cleansing Transformer


This formulation has been developed as part of our “Anti-Pollution” concept focusing on the topic “Cleansing”. The transparent oil could be applied on the face as “Leave-On” cleanser and the surplus oil could be removed using a tissue. “Soothing Cleansing Transformer” consists of Cetiol® Ultimate and Cetiol® Sensoft promoting the excellent cleansing power of the oil. The oil provides a silky and velvet touch.


Spectral Balance Sun Shield – SPF 50+


Whoever can’t resist the pull of the waves. Each skin type reacts differently to the sun. That’s why we’ve developed for pigmentation levels of individual skin types. Consumers will love the peace of mind when they hit the surf.


Transparent & Adaptable Sun Care – SPF 30


Whoever wants invisible sun care. Consumers are looking for sun care that doesn’t leave a thick visible layer. This formulation supports sun protection without leaving any visible residue. People want to show off their beauty, not their sunscreen.